A wedding photo album has to be nothing short of perfect and unforgettable. After all, it will be the one telling the story of the wedding as it unfolds every precious moment of the special day. 

So you are always on your mission to deliver a wedding album that is beautiful, and modern at the same time bring a wide smile to your client's face as they witness page by page walking down the memory lane.

A photo album is also considered as the best advertisement and PR that any wedding photographer could hope for. Make it count and you too will score a place in future client recommendations.

In the photography business, networking and word-of-mouth publicity is very important as it helps you to create a unique place in the market, and in this way you can even set a signature design style for your special regular customers.

Now let’s learn some interesting tips to design a memorable wedding album in minimum time bringing great results for you.

Choose the Best Shots

Of course, the clients will have their favorites. However, nothing can beat a photographer’s instincts and proficiency in that area. A professional eye will choose technically perfect clicks and objective images that capture the main events as well as the lovable moments of the couple.

Candid shots are creating a lot of buzz in the wedding album market. Choose the best-detailed shots that capture the mood, décor, food and dress-up subtleties, and portrait shots of family and wedding party.

Keep the compositions loose and consider cropping and editing at the time of sorting photos or while designing Use less complex and fast software like Edit Xpress  for photo sorting and editing to save your time.

Tell the Story in the Perfect Timeline

You must arrange the photos in the sequence of the events that occurred. Tell the story with the required build-up right up to the ultimate moment. This cannot be denied that the main wedding day is the star but so are the many preliminary events which also need to be taken into consideration.

Consider the sequence of rituals while designing the album what comes first should be on the first page. Some advanced software comes with the feature of timestamp that arranges photos automatically time-wise on album pages instantly and then use text cliparts and slogans to explain rituals. Keep décor ready and handy, sorted wedding-wise to use it as and when needed.

Arrivals of faraway relatives and old friends, the sangeet rehearsal, the catching up on cocktail parties, friends goofing up on the wedding ceremony, the buzz of the bridesmaids and the groom’s men, the first dance, the cake cutting, and so on. As the special day progresses through the photos, the wedding album will be a treasure chest of fond stories.

Use Different Page Layouts

Design a mixed layout and choose multiple size formats for wedding photo albums. Photographers and videographers, especially those dealing with wedding clients, always suggest that an important moment should be aptly highlighted.

This means that clients really become happy & get engrossed to view their main event glimpses from a larger angle. So you must think of a full-page spread for the 'bride's entry' moment or call attention to the 'mangal phera' and 'cake cutting' or 'first dance' moments with a double-page story. 

Interesting and playful layouts, different sizes, and arrangements make wedding albums visually appealing. It also makes for a memorable album that plays up important aspects, and also provides spaces for fun and exciting memories. This is a key to creating a really good wedding album.

Go for a Customized Album Cover

Personalize the wedding album to make it expressly mirror your client’s preferences. Choose a custom cover in your budget and that will make your clients and their family and friends automatically reach for it.

A wedding album is an emotional record, go for a cover that would speak to the couple. Think of an acrylic cover with their favorite photo, an acrylic window at the center of the album, or a wooden plate on a leatherette cover with embossed initials, date, etc.

Wedding Album Cover

Ace the Perfect Wedding Album with a Presentation Boxes

Wedding albums have a certain sacredness and should be treated as such. Presentation boxes elevate wedding albums into a legacy that is considered priceless and cherished for a lifetime.

Before you start designing get the idea from printing labs about the possible accessories and costs of the latest trendy album types. Make sure you check the durability and portability of the kit you are offering.

Apart from protection, they also add a touch of luxury, and exclusiveness to them. From leather and transparent acrylic boxes to boxes with velcro or clutch, such presentation boxes skyrocket the wedding album game to the next level.

Offer the Best Designed Wedding Album

The best-designed wedding album easily speaks good deeds about a photographer's dedication to his or her craft. They also make a great impression on clients who realize how practical and poetically beautiful they are.

Work smart! keep signature design albums ready in Project / Template form and you can just replace photos of previous weddings with a new wedding with a similar theme and the album is ready. Use Advance designing software containing a feature that allows you to re-use existing designed projects.

A memorable wedding album shows how you as a photographer have worked fold by fold and honored their big day. It deserves to be displayed as a souvenir that matches all the effort and emotion that went into it.

Use a Quality Album Designing Software

Lastly but a very crucial point to be noted is that the software which you use to design albums must be of top quality. Use licensed software to avoid legal actions against piracy. The software should be less complicated, providing ease in designing, filled with the latest technology offering advanced tools helping you to work smart and covering all your needs.

It should be within the budget, come up with regular upgrades beneficial to you, and lastly a software that offers proper training and after-sale service. Dgflick's has a great range of software for the photo industry helping 600000+ photographers and designers across the globe with their smart fast easy and most affordable software. Album Xpress Suite is a perfect combo of software that completes all the above points discussed.  Try for free.

Final Thoughts

Hope these tips would help you ace your album designing game. Being into the photography industry, capturing wedding scenes and then putting them into an album is a never-ending trend. 

Mastering the art of designing attractive and trendy album pages really paves a long way to create your mark in this industry and lets you set new ways to generate revenue. So get inspired by top-notch album designers and create your own unique style quotient to earn more by designing more.


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